We offer excursions:

Review Sightseeing tour of the Treasury of the National Museum of History of Ukraine Theatrical “Secrets of steppe mounds”

“Ancient secrets of the great treasury”

Interactive tour for students of 3-5 classes

“Tabula Rasa” Excursion-quest for students of 7-11 grades

“Grandmother Yagusa’s vytrebenky” Interactive event for students of grades 1-3

“Dad, Mom and I in the mazes of time”

Interactive family tour “You are an archaeologist” Interactive lesson-game

“Fantastic creatures and where to look for them” Interactive tour for students of 5-6 classes

English studios in the Treasury Interactive lessons-excursions are held on the basis of the Scythian-antique and medieval exposition of the Museum for schoolchildren, students and anyone who wants to improve their English.

Author’s excursions